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Meet the team





Spaces that allow for people to meet, grow and laugh have always been my favorite type of place to be in, so creating these spaces have become my mission. Whether it’s in a dance class, a work meeting or just a random encounter with someone in a line at the store, one always has the opportunity to be welcoming. Take it!

"When I dance I feel energized and empowered, like I’m able to accomplish anything. That feeling and sense of strength stays with me and has become a part of who I am."




I’m a Spanish architect, living in Stockholm, who enjoys being creative and taking pictures. Overcoming challenges, becoming a Glower and taking part of the Flow & Glow journey fills me with immense pride.


"When I dance I feel happy and safe."




I'm a 28 year old physician, born and raised in Stockholm who loves travelling, golfing and hanging out with dogs and my 2 year old nephew. Flow & Glow for me is my happy place! It is where I truly feel like myself, and a magical safe space where I can be free.


"When I dance I feel everything - excited, liberated, happy, cool, vulnerable, strong and empowered."

Madde (1)


SoMe Manager

I'm from Östersund, and all my favorite memories includes laughing with my family, fiance or friends. (I don't let many people in, but when I do they're my absolute favorite humans :))

"When I dance I feel free and empowered, and like I can do anything!"


Marica (1)


Founder & Creative Director

Thinking about the first time I taught Flow & Glow makes me filled with happiness. A moment together with the community that's been by my side from the beginning and just imagining what we've created together fills me with a deep sense of pride.

"When I dance I feel absolute happiness and 100% myself."




Glower & Mentor

My happy place is on a Swedish mountain top, overlooking the surroundings. If I can I’m also taking one or two dance steps on that fjäll, just because it gives me an amazing sense of freedom.

"When I dance I feel sparkling, mindful and brave."




I’m a PR professional who loves the simple things in life, such as spending time with my loving family, sharing laughter with friends, eat delicious pizza and dance like nobody’s watching. When I discovered Flow & Glow, I truly found a space where I could look inwards, let go of control, feel empowered and grow as a person.

"When I dance I feel liberated, strong and happy."



Glower & Choreographer 

I am an Italian scientist, dancer, podcaster, and artist living in Stockholm. I cannot live without my red cat Tintin, and without my friends and community. One memory that makes me smile is when we, Glowers and Flowers together, made all the people at a party dance together.

"When I dance, I feel fulfilled, free, connected, and in touch with who I want to be."