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Connect your Glow
Initial Training

Get ready to Go with the Flow & let yourself Glow!


Welcome to Connect Your Glow - a dynamic dance workout training that opens doors to new possibilities. Explore this transformative journey where you'll become an expert in connection, fine-tune your cueing skills, and dive into the world of choreography. Let's dance together and build a community of empowered individuals.



What You'll Gain

Empowerment Through Dance: Learn the unique Flow & Glow approach, where dance becomes a tool for self-expression and empowerment.

License to Teach: Receive your certification to lead Flow & Glow classes, igniting the glow in others.

Guided Journey: Access to Flow & Glow experts to support you on your path.

Master the 3 C's: Understand the importance of Connection, Cueing, and Choreography in creating a powerful experience.

Supportive Community: Create lasting bonds with like-minded individuals who share your passion for dance.

The 3 C’s of Flow & Glow

Connect: Immerse in the Flow & Glow philosophy, where dance sparks self-expression, self-love, and embracing your unique identity.

Cueing: Learn the art of clear cueing, empowering your Flowers with precise instructions and uplifting affirmations.

Choreography: Dive into the art of choreography creation, aligned with music, empowerment, and self-expression.



The Flow & Glow concept

  • Innovative Releases

    Experience three new exhilarating releases every year, featuring full class and individual choreographies videos.

  • Unleash Your Style

    Personalize playlists by seamlessly blending diverse releases, creating your signature dance experience.

  • Core Elements

    Dive into essential components of the Flow & Glow playlist - warm-up, rhythmic walk, musical, power track, grand finale, and calming cooldown.

  • Express Yourself

    Select your own cooldown track to establish the mood as you wrap up the class.

  • Glow with Freedom

    Embrace mirror-free movement, guiding your Flowers to dance authentically and be fully present in every step.

  • Rich Choreography Bank

    You receive a diverse collection of captivating choreographies.

  • Your Creative Playground

    Experiment with two song suggestions per release to craft choreography that resonates with your style.

  • Shine Bright

    Share your distinctive choreography with us for a chance to be featured in upcoming releases, showcasing your creativity to a wider audience

Discover your Glow

Ready to take the next step toward becoming a Glower and joining our empowering community? Fill out the form below to get all the details on the Connect your Glow initial training and embark on your journey of dance, empowerment, and connection